How to Set SMARTER Goals and Spend More Time Doing what You Love?

Without a target, no one can hit straight. So setting goals is very important for achieving success. The time and effort required to reach a particular goal can be dramatically reduced by setting it the SMARTER way. So why try to achieve goals hard way while you already have a systematic efficient way to reach where you want to? Apart from being efficient, this method has been proven to be effective and easy.


The probability of success depends upon the method of setting goals. Some people set temporary goals just in their mind and the motivation behind it withers at a drastic pace. Other people set goals that are impossible to achieve and end up getting frustrated by their lack of progress. Few other people give themselves very easy goals to achieve but they won’t be making any significant progress in the long run. That is to say each of these prototypes makes a mistake in setting goals which is the trademark to success. These wrong approaches are really dragging us behind in our quest of stretching to our full potential. So it calls for a SMARTER way of setting goals that is more likely to materialize your dreams and aims.

I heard about SMART but what the hell is SMARTER?

S- Specific

Mind needs to concentrate on a particular figure or a specific goal for it to materialize. General idea or vague goals tend to distract the mind and wandering mind never actually does good work. If you can get your mind to focus on a particular quantity or amount, the mind orients itself to the accomplishment of the task that leads to it. For an example: Earning one million us dollars in 4 months is more tangible and specific. On the other hand earning money is very general.

So the right approach would be to set a specific goal by being clear about what you want. That way, you will train your mind to focus towards that particular goal.  Mind will use anything at its disposal to get that specific amount and work harder than if you had set a general goal.

M- Measurable

The goals that you set must be quantifiable. This is very important as it will mark your progress as well. In fact if you don’t have measurable goals, you won’t know how far you have reached towards your goal or how much grounds you still have to cover. The process of marking your progress is very important because it fuels your endeavor towards success.  It motivates you by showing that the ultimate final goal is not too far. It also motivates you by showing how much work you have done and that gives a personal sense of achievement. An example of measurable goal would be: “I will increase company’s profit by 20% in 5 years.”

A- Attainable

The goals you set must not be too far-fetched.  The prospect of unattainable goals stops the mind from even starting the project. If it is very necessary to achieve this seemingly impossible goal, try to break it down into many attainable goals and cover each one by one. Over a long course of time, you should be able to achieve even the impossible. The trick in here is to set your mind only to things that can be accomplished. Also try to devise step by step procedure to attain your goals. That way, you will have a complete blueprint to follow. Also, you won’t get confused in the way if you have exact attainable steps to follow.

R- Realistic

Try not to make your goals fictional. Every company and every person wants to have drastic progress and attain success as fast as attainable. But while setting goals for such drastic progress, you need to have reasonable grounds validating the success within the given time. That is to say, your goals must be realistic. For this check the ongoing progress of your company, calculate by how much you can improve the progress rate and find out the total progress for a given time frame. Non realistic goals will demotivate you after some time.

Let’s say, you set out to increase company’s profit by 50 percent in a year. That becomes an unrealistic goal if you do not have means, resources or methods to make it possible. Suppose halfway through the year has passed and still you haven’t made progress. This fact will demotivate you for the rest of the time. As a result, you will disregard your goal and your company will make no real progress.

T- Time-bound

Time is a very important factor while setting goals. Any goal can be achieved in infinite time and no goal can be reached in zero time. So a suitable time frame must be chosen for a particular goal. While setting the time try to limit your goal to minimal but attainable time frame. Minimum time will mean, you will be doing actual work most of the time and you won’t have extra time to remain idle. However, if the time is unattainable and impossible, the desire to complete the work disappears as soon as the mind becomes aware of this impossibility. Also the deadline factor comes into play during the last few fraction of total time. It has been proven that deadline has a direct relationship with the amount of work. As deadline gets nearer, the concentration of mind increases and more work gets done is short amount of time without any decline in quality.

E- Evaluated

After some time from setting your goal, you should stop to evaluate your progress. Sometimes we are unaware of the lag in progress or rise in it. After evaluating your current progress, you can redesign your plans to achieve that goal. That is to say, you can alter your methods to reach a particular goal. For example: If you set out to achieve 20% growth in company profits in a year. You may feel that you are performing way better than you expected. Instead, during half yearly evaluation let’s say that you found only 5% growth in profit. This will help you recalibrate success and change your strategies for rest of the year. Also you may find out that most of your work is a mistake during evaluation.

R- Redo

If you find out your mistakes and errors during evaluation, you must redo the project if it is essential. For that you must accelerate the work as you will have to achieve more progress in less time.

Anna writes for Bronwyn Conroy Beauty School in Dublin.  Bronwyn Conroy is one of the oldest amd most repected beauty schools in Ireland.